Team no forgiveness!

I’m soooo annoyed right now. You know those times when someone did something horrible to you and you think you’re over it, but you have one of those days where your mind just won’t let you forget what happened. I hate the person I’m thinking about right now. Ugh!

That moment you realize a lot of your emotional problems stem from not being hugged enough as a child…

Falling in love felt different each time, but each heartbreak felt the same.

Hail satan
Thinking I care about this bullshit
My boss just told me I’ve received a lot of complaints from customers…

Yes I’m about to go to target. No I’m not going to do my hair nor put on makeup. I will put on a bra though. That’s all you’re getting cuz ain’t nobody got time.

+Watch "Maria Hinojosa interviews Phylicia Rashad" on YouTube

Maria Hinojosa interviews Phylicia Rashad:

Matthew 😥

I’m over here tearing up thinking about the part in Anne of Green Gables when Matthew died. He loved Anne so much. :’(((((